Eating Healthy and Exercising Frequently is The Way to Go

Zubizarreta - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe Essay

I believe all people should eat t a healthy, balanced diet and exercise at least three times a week. Exercise and a healthy diet is needed to be happy, stay fit and well, and do better in school and activities. First, if people are eating a balanced diet of grains, meats, dairy, liquids, and fruits, and avoiding too much snack foods, desserts, and soft drinks, they will be happier and feel better. On top of the diet, people should also exercise frequently to stay in shape and help put the food into action to help the body better during the day.

Secondly, people need a good diet and plenty of exercise to stay fit and well. If people are not eating well and healthy, then they will become obese quicker. Plus, if they are not exercising, people will not have any means to burn the food fat and calories off with, so they will get even bigger. To fix this, people need to get lots of exercise throughout the week and eat lots of nutritious food.

Also, having a nutritious diet and exercising, believe it or not, helps people in school and join organizations and activities more. First, an unhealthy diet will make people slow and lazy, and junk food does not contribute to brain cell growth. Also, studies have shown that exercise makes oxygen flow better in the body, which will then help to stimulate brain cells better and faster, making people do better in school. Also, people who eat healthy and exercise are more likely to join student organizations because they are healthier and more active and interested.

In conclusion, people should have a healthy diet and exercise throughout the week because it satisfies people, people are more in shape, and it stimulates the brain cells so people can do better work and will join organizations more.

This I Believe: All people should eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise frequently throughout the week.