I Have A Cause

Kathryn - Davison, Michigan
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I Have a Cause

Many people search all their lives for meaning. For a purpose. A cause. Very early in my life I have been fortunate enough to find my meaning, purpose, and cause. What a blessing this road of life has been for me, and my only hope is that others may find the form of fruitful life that has been so bestowed on me.

The soul purpose for my life, and any form of goodness in it, comes from my faith in Jesus Christ. He has been an endless source of encouragement and love and will forever be the reasoning behind everything that I do. He alone has motivated me toward leading a life with a solid foundation, inspiring a core of beliefs that help me make smart choices that benefit every element of my existence.

The first beneficial thing that my faith has instilled in me is a strong since of self confidence. This has given me many skills that I use daily, which enable me to love myself and my God even more. One method this confidence has gotten into me is by the realization that I am made in the image of Jesus. This has allowed me to understand that I am beautiful. The Bible clearly states that we as a people are made in the image of God, and I don’t believe that God would make something ugly that is in the likeness of Himself. Also, if I am made in His image that means that my spirit is beautiful also; this lasts longer than life itself. I am not only inspired toward self confidence by the fact that I am made in the image of God, but also that I have been hand chosen by God. He sent his Son to die just for me. He knew me before I was born. This has let me know that I am completely known and still completely loved, which has allowed me to greatly love myself also.

Another extremely beneficial thing that my faith has given me is intense drive toward purity. This has greatly helped my mind and body reach a form of greatness, and has helped me gain respect from others around me. The Bible encourages a removal of the old, sinful, dirty self and a putting on of a new self that is pure and lovely. This has inspired me to take off my negative attitude and hurtful words, which only bring others down. Instead I have put on the joy of the Lord, which not only helps me have a happy life, but also helps others feel better about themselves through me and my encouragement. Joy is powerful and contagious. Living a pure life does not end only with a pure mind, but it also involves having a pure outward appearance. It has shown me the importance of being modest with my clothing choices, helping others around me keep purity in their minds. It also helps me respect myself, understanding that I have worth beyond what my body or clothes look like at a particular time. Living with the choice to be pure also has its place in relationships, whether its friendships or romantic feelings. Purity involves having emotional and physical boundaries, which help protect against heartbreak and many other forms of hurt. It helps in keeping the correct focus in life, and in avoiding becoming fixated on one person or feeling. This has helped me move beyond many immature things in my life and has shown me how to truly love. Purity is more than something someone just simply stands for. It is a lifestyle and a choice that must be made, and if that choice is made it has astounding possibilities to improve a person’s life.

A third benefit my faith in Jesus has brought me is a life free of worry. This has greatly reduced my stress and has improved the quality in which I do things. I am confident that the Lord has a plan for my life and will do things that will bring glory to Him, which in turn blesses me. Whatever happens to me in my life, I know that I will be taken care of and that I will be happy in every circumstance, freeing me of any type of worry and giving me the ability to have a more fulfilling life now. Above that, I know that I will have a glorious life after death, which makes everything bearable that I endure for my short time on earth. I am able to appreciate the blessings I receive on earth because I know that they are from God. A worry free life is attainable if I remember to keep God at the center, and I will forever be grateful of this gift that he has given me. The wonderful thing is that the gift of being worry free is available to everyone, if they simply give their life to God.

As is evident in my life, having faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God will, without a doubt, make every element of life better. I have a reason to live. I have a Savior who loves me and died for me. Moreover, I have a Savior that came back to life for me. For this reason I can encourage and truly love others. I can live a pure life, enabling others to have respect for me and for me to have respect for myself. I can live my life with a worry free attitude, fully understanding that I will be taken care of by Almighty God. I have a solid foundation of beliefs that will continue to guide me in everything that I do. That is my meaning, purpose, and cause. That is what I believe.