Everything Happens For A Reason

Chantal - Syracuse, New York
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

Life has taught me many lessons but the most important of them all is that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. Whether the reason is known today or tomorrow, there is always a reason. The reason may come as a point of clarification, a point of understanding, a point of truth, a point of sadness, or a point of laughter. Whatever it is, it came as a point.

Who I am today, the young woman, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the partner can all be attributed to many things – but each of those things occurred for a reason. Each event in my life occurred in a particular order, a particular environment, and in a particular manner. It was no accident, no mistake, it was destiny. And whether we know the reason today, it will put us at peace some day.

Being born a Scorpio, having small breast, or really white teeth help to make me who I am. Being a Scorpio help to explain my assertive personality; having small breast contribute to the clothes I wear and how I view my body. My white smile plays right into my smiling personality and confidence. No wonder I can walk into a room and have all eyes on me.

Every sad moment like a death in the family, every smile, every heartbreak, every opportunity lost and taken taught me how to behave, think, and prepare for the next steps. But what are some of the things that occurred in my life to solidify this personal philosophy?

Approximately two years ago, my grandma died and she couldn’t have died at a better moment. As a Jamaican, coming to America – the land of opportunity, takes years. My family – mother, sister, uncle, and cousins, waited over 17 years for this opportunity. They waited all these years for documentation to arrive telling them they can get on a plane and start a better life. The trick with this is that the person who made the request must sign a lot of papers when the time arrives. My grandmother before she passed, waited and signs these papers. After knowing that her children will have a better life and her purpose on earth was completed, she passed away. This to many might seem like a sad moment but I am proud of my grandmother and she reaffirm my life’s motto – that EVERYTHING HAPPEN FOR A REASON.

In the end, this philosophy helps me to find purpose and meaning in life. I have learned among many things that some people are put in our lives for a day or a week and they might have a powerful impact while others might be in our lives longer and their purpose is not yet laid out. No matter what the case this philosophy helps me to have no regrets, no lingering thoughts of what-if, and it has help me to be grateful for all that occurs. My life is full of purpose and has a human race, having purpose is so sweet because the feeling of purposeless is one we cannot bare.