Family Example

Patricia - Appleton, Wisconsin
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

In 1790, 35.8% of families had seven or more kids. In 2006 only 1% of families had seven or more kids. I guess that means I’m a minority. The fact that my family exists with eight kids proves that it is indeed possible to survive with a large family in America. I’d say that my family and I manage alright with only one parent working with a tech degree. Sure, I can’t get fancy cloths or new technology, but I am happy. I like when we take family trips to the grocery store and then line up to check out when we’re done. The clerk’s eyes would widen and move quickly from head to head, silently counting my siblings and me. “Wow! Eight kids!” Then the clerk’s face would turn in surprise as they saw my fit, five-foot one-inch mother. My mom didn’t have to say anything. Just seeing my family is worth a thousand words.

I even knew other families that were large like mine, but they were homeschooled. In fact, I was even homeschooled until the fifth grade. I guess that’s when I realized that my family wasn’t “normal.” I remember going to school and being able to be the leader of the line because I had the most siblings. I loved it, and took great pride in my family. It was finally something I could beat everyone in.

But, more than that, I like to send time with my family by watching movies, playing sports, bike riding, and we always travel at least once every summer. Bike rides are always my favorite. I bet we look like a circus with all of us biking single file to the park. And best of all, we compete against each other in equal teams for sports. Of course I don’t agree with everything or everyone in my family, but that has taught me what it’s like in the real world. In a sense, I’m proud of my family for standing out. I’ve also learned to rely on others and the responsibilities of having others rely on me.

My parent’s example of a fruitful, happy marriage has shown me that big families are living proof of where our importance should be placed in life. Not on money or status, but on the relationships we have with those who are close to us. I know that the memories I’ll love the most will be those that I spent with my family. I believe that large families positively impact the world around them through this example.