I believe in doing the things i love

Justin - Kimberly, Wisconsin
Entered on January 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in doing the things you love, because you only life one life. So many people follow their friends or the groups. The cliques sick on people because they do not change their life and just take the one set for them.

I believe that many people have their life’s told for them. They follow the things people say. Guy’s thinks it’s gay to be in choir, they also think it’s weird if you’re emotional. That’s all stereotypical. Many kids do not follow what their beliefs are or their passions because they will either get made fun of or not fit in. I believe that’s wrong, it’s wrong to decide a person’s fate for them. I believe that every single person should decide what they want to do, and who they want to be.

I used to be that kid who would never want to follow my dreams or passions. I am a football player. Football is my dream, my passion. Once you’re involved with sports like football, especially being a guy, it’s not likely to be in choir, or things of that nature. This conflicts with my passions, because I also love to sing, I love to express myself through song. I did not join choir for the first two years of high school because I was afraid I was going to be made fun of. I can’t believe that I was going to let other people make me feel bad for doing what I love. I believe that happens too much today, everyone is so worried about what everyone else thinks. I decided to change that. I was going to follow my dreams, and not care about any one else but me.

Of course my junior year comes around, and I was still nervous about the whole choir thing. So for the first term of the year, I still kept it to myself. But my luck struck zero when the pep rally for the state football game came around. The choir had to sing the national anthem in front of the school. Of course when I was singing they were all hooting and hollering screaming my name, and laughing at me. But I didn’t care, I just smiled. After that day, I didn’t get made fun of any more.

So this is why I believe in doing the things you love. I eventually found out, that all the things I was worried about, never really were an actual problem. I am now more upset that I stalled in doing choir, and also other things I love to enjoy, because I was afraid of what other people thought. If I did not do the things I love, I just would not be me. I would be controlled by others thoughts. I have gained so much more respect for myself now that I just do what I want. This is why I believe in doing the things you love.