My family, my wonderful, wonderful family.

Rachel - Hudsonville, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe I have the greatest family alive. They are the few people in my life who will always be there for me, no matter what I do, no matter what I don’t do, no matter what destruction I may cause. My family truly is everything to me. I love them; I love every single part of them, from their good to their bad, from their strengths to their weaknesses. They mean the world to me.

When I wake up in the morning, or rather, when I get woke up by the most precious two-year-old girl, I am greeted by the cutest “HEY!!” ever. My day is filled with looking for miscellaneous objects, such as a baby doll or a ‘blankey,’ and I am devoted to every second of it. I love the endless games of peek-a-boo that we play; the kind of peek-a-boo where tiny hands over a tiny beautiful face does the trick. Life defiantly would not be the same without my little beanie weenie.

As far as taunting or tormenting goes, the five-year-old boy is the person to come to. Regardless of what I do to him, he knows he is my favorite brother; a fact I tell him almost everyday. His laugh fills up an entire room, putting a smile on everyone’s face. I can never stay mad at him, no matter what he has done. He has one of the few keys to my heart, whether he knows it or not. My brother bear is the greatest little boy alive.

If I want an amazing, fun time, all I have to do is be in the presence of my twelve-year-old sister. From the late guitar hero nights, to the Chinese fire drills on the way home from youth group, there never is a dull moment. With her, I get to giggle, and giggle, and giggle until my stomach feels like it is going to burst. Of course, we do have our clashes, but those are soon forgotten, as our love for each other overcomes that. She is the simplest highlight of my day.

Then, there are my parents, the wisest of us all. I know I can come to them with any problem, and they will help me fix it. They won’t give me the answers, of course, but they do offer their opinion on the issue and let me solve it. On the other hand, they are the dorkiest of us all too; as evidenced by the not-so-funny comments my dad makes about me, such as telling me my face is killing him too, to the embarrassing things my mom does around me, like burping so loud the neighbors across the street can hear her. Even though they are dorky, I still love them, because I know they love me more than words can describe.

I believe I have the greatest family alive. Who else can wake me up at the crack of dawn yet have me smiling about it later? Who else can I tease or torment, and have them still love you and know you love them too? Who else can I giggle with until I almost pee my pants? Who can help me with life’s hardest problems? Who else can make the thought, “did they really just do that?” run through my head at least a million times per day? My family, my wonderful, wonderful family.