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Brandon - Hudsonville, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Learn the Lifestyle

In fifth grade, students were given the opportunity to try out the many different band and orchestra instruments. I figured that percussion was the correct choice for me… because, back then, drums sounded cool. But after watching many of my fellow classmates talking to the band director, I noticed that Mrs. Bush, the Orchestra director, usually sat undisturbed, as if she intimidated everyone like the Wicked Witch of the West. That gave me have a pang of sympathy for her.

The person in front of me was one of the few to approach Mrs. Bush. While they talked, I noticed that he decided to try the viola. When he played it, the sound was deep and rich, full of power and luster. When my turn came to call, my guilt tripped and I approached Mrs. Bush, deciding then to try a string instrument. After picking up and trying a viola, and subsequently committing to the orchestra program, I would never contemplate the effect it would have on my life.

When sixth grade started, I was immediately pulled into the feel of being involved in a group. Orchestra gave me time to work with others, socialize, and improve. All through middle and high school, my skill has improved greatly, and like a fish eating a worm, I am still hooked.

To me, my viola is more than an instrument… it is a lifestyle. Learning to practice and work on my pieces has taught me crucial discipline that has transferred over into all I do. The concentration diffused to Chemistry, in addition to Math, and the perfectionism, as well, to English. Those qualities have had a lasting positive impression upon me, shouldn’t everyone come to know them?

I believe that everyone should learn to play an instrument at some point in their lives. Playing an instrument helps to develop qualities that can, and will, be beneficial. Some being the discipline, the concentration, and the overall desire to improve. But besides those, there is an ocean of possibilities awaiting for people to embark upon – if one does not let any witches stand in the way.