I believe in personal hygiene

Renee - North Highlands, California
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

My friend was moving back home after having been gone for more than a couple of years. My sister, my cousin, and myself volunteered to help her unload the uhaul. It took us more then half the day. After it was done, the three of us went home to shower and relax.

Our friend called the next day and asked if we wanted to go for a bike ride for old times sake. We all agreed and gathered together a couple of hours later. My friend was still wearing the same shirt she had worn the previous day while unpacking the uhaul! When my sister asked her why she was still wearing the same shirt and why it was inside out, she replied, “well the other side is dirty from yesterday.” We all crinkled our noses at her and, I thought to myself, “I am not a fan of that logic.” We decided we would ride in pairs with my sister and I in back. As irony would have it, the wind began to pick up, and yes… we were pushing against it. At precisely the same moment, we both looked at each other and said, “OH MAN, THAT’S BAD!” The body odor was horrendous! I don’t think I had ever smelt anything that awful before. The whole time my sister and I were struggling to get up to the front but the closer we got the worse it got. When the air was finally so polluted that we couldn’t breathe, we stopped. When they noticed we stopped, they turned around. We told them we were slow and would rather ride in front…

I believe in personal hygiene. It is something that should take the front seat in our lives. A good friend of mine would frequently wake up and leave the house without brushing her teeth. She would of course always carry breath mints, as a morning routine, to cover up her bad breath. IT NEVER WORKED. Though she might have thought she was doing us all a service by using those breathe mints, she sorely failed.

Though I truly believe in personal hygiene, I have always had a hard time confronting those people who have a problem. As a missionary, I had a companion who would only shower every three days. We were in one of the hottest, most humid states, and we were outside every day either riding our bikes or walking. I prayed a lot during those couple of transfers. I wondered if maybe she didn’t realize that she was stinky, or that showers were invented for a reason, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

I have come to the conclusion that maybe I have been attributing to the problem of poor hygiene, at least within my own personal connection with people. For with belief comes action, and I believe in personal hygiene. So, it is not enough to practice it myself; there is more work to be done.