Love is Love

Hale - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


I was in the music schoolyard after ballet one day; a girl my age walked up to me and said “are you going to be lesbian or not?” I had 3 options

1] I don’t know I don’t have my life planned out

2] It depends because I could be lesbian for 10 years and not for the rest

3] I could be lesbian or not

I chose 1. She asked my friend Lulu the same thing lulu said some thing really rude “NOT! DUH LIZZIE EWWW!!!!!!!” I said #1 that’s rude #2 say that to my friend Jimbos face! Lulu got really mad. Some times people have the same reaction and you have to just walk away. I yelled to the girl why are you asking!!??!?!? She didn’t hear me. Have you ever been in this situation like this?

Life can be hard with that on your shoulders. {What Lulu said.} The girl went around and asked more people. Some people said it’s hard for me to choose.

What Lulu said goes into being homophobic. {Homophobia is when you hate gay people}. I have a story about that. I was at recess and Anna was squatting down and Marta was sitting on the railing and it looked like Anna was doing sit ups and Marta was sitting on her hands Becky said your so gay that’s gay! I wanted to say find your own opinion, well you’re just plain homophobic!!!!!!! You’re a gay lover Becky said, they left they all walked away. I walked up to them and said you’re homophobic! Marta said what’s homophobic? I said it’s when you say “you’re gay hahahaha!” Marta said “let’s go!” They walked away. Some times you have to just tell a teacher. Have you ever heard of prop8?

Prop8 is in California. You could get married if you were gay and they voted and guess what, they banned gay marriage! What do you think about that? I think that they should protest and guess what, people protested! My idea about who can be gay is anyone! Prop8 was a big thing in California because people like you and me voted, not just important people! In some places you can get arrested because you are gay or lesbian! Lots of things can happen when you don’t vote for things like that!

Gay rights are a big thing. Not even 50 years ago blacks and whites were not allowed to get married. That changed so why can’t it change for gays and lesbians to get married?!!! Here’s the story…A long time ago black and white people were not allowed to get married. I think that is a problem because then my mom and dad wouldn’t be allowed to get married and I wouldn’t be here telling this story so I hope you listen! Love is love no one can change that. So I hope you listen.

Last Saturday I went to a rally. The rally was for gay rights, specifically against Proposition 8. Some people were dancing. It was FUN! I really liked it and someone goes onstage and gave a speech. If gay people had rights like everyone else things would change for the better.

I am Hale and this is my story.

A poem

Love is love you or me, a dog

Or a cat love is every thing so make it


Love is love

Love the world xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo hale