All to be done

ashley - salt lake city, Utah
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity, hope

Tin tubed paints, horse hair brushes, bent and broken frames fill my room along with hordes of canvas. Stretched canvas and limp folded canvas all wait patiently for the vibrant touch of a hand. Musicians strive to sound out new frontiers in basements and shacks. Gritty old guitars and magnificent violins strained by stretching fingers, taut racing towards an unknown. That unknown that haunts writers bent over notepads who scan and scour their world for a voice, an identity.

This I believe- that not all has been said of the human soul. New cultures, passions and experiences will constantly bring wave after wave of the unimagined and the new. Established society would say that all has been done. All has been sung in for the heart of music and that no master of the arts is left with us, but this is not true. Just this week history was made once again. Moving Americans forward and upwards Barack Obama took an oath that will affect us all. Each individual breathes in a life that has never before had breath. Its is for our writers, artists and musicians to record this breath to give it substance and importance for all to see. Our generation must have its own eyes and ears to draw, write, paint, play out what we have to say about our changing world, our changing way of life.

The arts in all forms are a reflection of their society. It is the rising adults of this new millennium that must tell the tale of equality for all races. It is in our hands to show what mattered in this decade and in those to come. We need to cry out against the pollution that violates our earth, the bigotry and hate that prevades Americans still and the forces that separate human kind into segregated prejudices. The tools we have are those that humans have had for thousands of years. Paper, pigment, wood, string and ink are in our hands. Ready for each new generation, for each new mark in history. Ready for the plunge into an unexplored abyss of experience.