Change through Confusion?

Fleur - Clam Gulch, Alaska
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe it is ok to be confused. It is ok to be overwhelmed by complicated issues or just every day events. I believe you should wonder about the meaning of life and how to put that into practice. It is good to ponder about all the opportunities that are presented to you. Or if you are not so lucky, why your possibilities to explore and develop seem limited. You may be critical and question what the economic crisis and its consequences entail and how it inevitably will influence your life and the community you live in.

I believe not one person can tell you what to think, how to act or how to live a fulfilling life. But I do believe in the power of education, and how it will equip children to help them function in the ever-changing society in times of globalization. I hope these children will grow up having a positive, open, creative and critical view on how we treat each other, animals and the wonders of the earth.

I believe change can only be established if it comes from the people that have a desire to see and realize changes in their lives. Change, development, progress or innovation – whatever you want to call it, each of these terms can only defined by the people who are using these concepts to describe their goals in life.

Every individual has its own identity and every person is a member of a larger community with its own cultural and social practices. All these people think, act and see the world from their own perspective. I think it is impossible to speak of unquestionable truth or knowledge. One should always consider its cultural and social context. But is it also impossible to speak of universal values? Does not everyone has to right to live a peaceful life? To receive health care? An inquisitive and critical attitude is required to answer these questions. But even then it is hard to grasp the diversity of suggested answers, coming from so many different people. What is true?

So, it is ok to be confused. But yet, overwhelming as the world can be, I believe one should try to live a healthy, active and joyful life, without the expectation of ever figuring out how the world and its people work.