You Inspired Me

Brooke - Mosca, Colorado
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Growing up I love to play basketball. That was all I ever wanted to do. Going to the gym on a weekend or week night and shooting was my favorite thing. Even though I love basketball I played volleyball too. It was not as fun as basketball though. It just did not give me the fulfillment that basketball gave me.

During junior high I started to change. Volleyball became more fun than basketball. Just the way volleyball was played and how much fun it was gave me the chills. More then basketball ever had. Junior high flew by. My team was back-to-back volleyball champions and runner up champions my 7th grade year and champions my 8th grade year for basketball.

My freshman year I played both JV and varsity volleyball and basketball. Things had definitely changed again. But then I realized that your freshman year was really just to get a fill for things in high school and how everything went.

My sophomore year was a bit different. I loved volleyball for sure and basketball was now second on my list. My sophomore year I learned that my dad had been accepted to play football in Texas, Montana, and here in Alamosa his senior year of high school. Well of course he chose to stay here in the valley and attend Adams State College in Alamosa because my mom and him had been and still to this day are high school sweethearts.

They both attended Adams State College for one year. During the year my dad was of course or thought he would be playing football. One practice his freshman year before the season had even started he was injured severely in the back. The doctor told him he had a choice to make. The choice consisted of quitting football and never playing again, or continuing playing and take the risk of hurting his back worse and possibly being paralyzed from the waste down. He chose to quit; he really did not want to because he would not be able to fulfill his dreams but he realized that if he were to be paralyzed it would change his and my mom’s lives forever.

Ever since the day he told me his story I have wanted to play volleyball in college not just for him but for myself too being that that has always been a dream of mine. He inspired me to work as hard as I do at everything I can including not only my academics but at drills in practices and push my way through all the pain because I believe in the end it will all pay off.

If it was not for his story and him not being able to fulfill his dreams I do not think that I would have enough motivation to be involved in any sport at a college level because there would be nothing there to inspire me to keep working hard and not to give up.

I believe that there will always be someone or something out there that will inspire you for everything you want to do or do. Weather it is for cooking the best dish of noodles possible, or making the best and fastest car, it does not matter because you will always be able to find someone or something to inspire you to do your best job or work your hardest and make the best of things. You just have to look in the right places for that something that is going to inspire you!