The Power of Emotion

Victoria - Sofia, Bulgaria
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Feeling is what enriches our lives and makes us human. In their essence, emotions are meant to serve as stimulators and drive us to do something. Whether it is love, guilt, hate, sorrow, joy, anger, its biological function is to prompt action. Still, emotions that we feel in the moment are sometimes so strong they can cause chaos and great storms in our lives. I believe in people’s ability to take control of their intense feelings by allowing them to lose some of their strength.

I am an impulsive person and I rely mainly on my intuition and immediate judgment when taking decisions. But what if I act upon a feeling, powerful enough to blur my vision of the situation? The result is saying hurtful words or committing irreversible actions. Indeed, when I replay the film of my life in my head, my worst mistakes were caused by irrational impulses and too rash assumptions or reactions. Nevertheless, if we do not take the time to learn the moral of our own stories, we are doomed to live in an endless cycle of repetition of the same problems and broken hopes. Thus, I have learned to restrain my impetuous nature and stop myself from acting on the spur of the moment.

Dealing with painful feelings has always been a challenge. As many other people, the negative emotions seem to have the biggest affect on my inner self. I used to think that self-expression is healthy and I readily showed my temper to others. Until recently, when the person I trust the most deeply hurt my pride and all I wanted was to strike back, and get rid of the feeling of betrayal. I showed my aggressiveness thinking I was loosing control. The negative feelings that remained long after the fight made me think about what could have I done in order to avoid this. Realizing that I was overreacting in the heat of the moment, I knew that I had to change the way I deal with such emotions and never allow outbursts like this again.

In reality, when a situation is beyond our control, the only thing we can truly be masters of is emotion. It is possible to restrain its power and use it to our advantage. When I recognize that I am under the tremendous impact of my feelings I simply stay still and wait. I wait for the hurricanes to pass and to reach a state of tranquility and emotional equilibrium; I wait for an opportunity to trust my conscious thoughts and make reasonable deliberations. Any negative emotion wears off eventually and time will heal our wounds, taking away the destructive power of painful feelings.

I believe that a strong emotion is there for a reason and it is my obligation to find it. I wait, confident that in the future the same feeling which is tearing me apart will become a source of awareness instead of harm. This I believe is my most powerful weapon.