Living in the Present

Summer - Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
Entered on January 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the universe is kind. I believe that everything that occurs in my life is happening for me. I believe that every human being should attempt to live in the present, day by day. Every time that I have struggled through a challenging or upsetting situation, I have found that the lessons learned outweigh the negative experience.

Last year, I was given the blessing of meeting and connecting with a twenty- eight year old football star by the name of Victor Ellis. Victor played for the University of Alabama. He was a phenomenal player and student, but sadly he suffered from a rare form of cancer. A doctor notified Victor that he had six months to live. In the end, he almost doubled his estimated time, and the ten months that I knew him affected my life greatly. His belief that everything happens for a reason inspired me. It all clicked. At first, I had sensed that the universe was cruel for ending such an amazing guy’s life at such a young age. Soon after, I came to consider that maybe Victor’s death was meant to be like this and that in reality, it was his time to go. With his last month approaching, he had accepted his cancer, and even at the near end of his twenty- eight year journey, he lived his life to the fullest.

The influence that Victor’s life played on so many people could not have been a coincidence. It was all planned. Victor’s positive outlook on his life gave me a new perspective on mine. I now have become more hopeful and optimistic because I know that the universe is helping me, always. I trust that it is guiding my life in the right direction. I recognize that everything unfolds differently for each human being, and that each path is perfect for the person who receives it. These beliefs have helped me to venture out to see the good that comes from a hard situation. I try to apply this to my life everyday by being grateful for everything I have, instead of being bitter about certain things that do not go my way. I now understand that if it was not Victor’s time to leave this earth, then he would still be on it today. I have also realized that the universe will only give me what I can handle. I belief it is working for me and I trust it to operate my life.