Revenge and Repentance differ

Michael - Bridgeton, Missouri
Entered on January 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Revenge is something that people have been acting out ever since we can remember. Revenge is something that most people have come to accept whether they like it or not. They simply sit by and ignore and hope that it will go away or someone will solve the problem for them. Revenge is something that is created. Revenge is created by anger and anger makes people do terrible things. A person wants revenge because a person took a life of someone precious to them. They want this because of anger, shock, and a sense of justice. That sense of justice is based off an eye for eye. That sense of justice cannot fulfill true justice.

Repentance is the fixing of a mistake. A lot more good can come out of a person living and working hard doing things to help the family of the murder victim or to help the community in general. If a person breaks your window you do not go and break their window. You ask them to pay for it with money and or to help you out with something. No person does anything without reason. No one does evil because they are evil. They do it for a certain reason like anger, shock, or a sense of justice.