One Standards in Life

Natalie - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on January 20, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: courage

Ever been in a position under peer pressure and in front of your friends and don’t know what to do? When in groups we tend to hide and not let the things that are against our belief show to others around us because of embarrassment or self conscience. I have been in different situations that have made me think of what I am doing and the choices that I will make that will affect me later in life.

I am a strong believer to stand up for what you believe, and the standards that you are given to live by whether it’s from your parents or your religions standards.

I don’t like rules; however, I like to live by standards that can act as guidelines in our lives to help us live. As our standards are all different, it is important that we live to become who we want to be. A lot of people may think of standards as rules but I would have to think differently. Beliefs and standards are very crucial in ones life. People live by the “rules,” sort of speak, in attempt to be an example or leader to those around them in situations that they fall into.

Once in middle school my standards that I live by shined in my life at a friend’s birthday party. I was in attendance with a few other friends who had the same beliefs as I, some that didn’t but felt uncomfortable in the situation. For the party we went to lunch at an expensive restaurant, and you can imagine what it was like with thirty plus teenaged middle school kids. As we left we went back to her house for cake and ice cream and to just hang out for a while. On arriving to her house we went to her game room, and as a group decided to watch a movie, not just any ordinary teenaged rated movie but an R rated movie. As I was put in to a tough situation I had to make a choice. I asked friends whether or not they were going to stay and choose not to view the movie or leave the party. As a small group that thought that an R rated movie was inappropriate for us we left. My friend lived in the same neighborhood so we went to her house for the remainder of the party. We notified the parents and continued on our way telling our friend.

I don’t remember the title of the movie that was viewed, but I remember feeling so good about the decision that I made by leaving the party. It was hard to have the courage to leave because of a movie especially with all of our school friends there but looking back it was the best outcome for me.

Obviously my friend’s belief and standards are different from mine, but I continued to live mine and not fall into ways she was grown up to and taught in her house. Standards are very necessary in our lives and we all are given them for a reason. As they might be different each one of us should live up to them everyday in the choices that we make as long as we live.