Safe Zone

Jamie - Greenwood, Arkansas
Entered on January 20, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that we feel better if we stay in our safe zone. What is a safe zone? It is a place or person that makes us feel safe. Some of us are so afraid of leaving our safe zone. We miss out on many different opportunity. If we stay in the safe zone then we don’t have to worry about getting hurt. We tend to stay in a marriage or relationship that is not working because we know the person and starting over in a new relationship is scary. Moving to a different town or starting a new job can be rough.

Do you know someone in a relationship that should get out of the relationship? When you talk to them they say that they don’t want to be alone or I’m doing it for the kids. We never see that being alone is better than having to worry about someone who cheats or is abusing us. We think it is best for our kids. But what are we really teaching them? We don’t realize this because we are afraid to leave our safe zone. Getting out of the safe zone means we can not predict what happens next.

Now where or how do I meet someone new? Will they accept me for me and treat my kids as though they were there own? Can we be happy and live in harmony? Now you begin packing your bags and moving on. Your destination is on clear. Leaving your home town and starting a new job is a big adventure. Blinded by the unknown can create anxiety, however if we stay focused and remember life is what we make it, we can survive the unknown and leave our safe zone behind us.