No Exemptions

Sarah - Miamisburg, Ohio
Entered on January 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that bad things happen to good people. Devastation disturbs countless folks, despite their well intentions. Certain individuals are merely born into difficult situations. I do not think that church or donations or volunteering will make me immune to pain or suffering. Protection is not guaranteed.

My cousin was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder. He was not diagnosed until he was about two years old. At birth, he seemed to be a healthy baby boy. He completed his milestones with the exception of walking. Slowly he began digressing and crossing his eyes. He was not able to use his legs to crawl and could no longer sit up. His speech never got a chance to fully develop. Now he is seven years old and on a feeding tube and oxygen most of the time. Two of his various medical concerns include regulating his body temperature and fighting off infections. It is challenging to watch my cousin get weaker, sicker and more dependent on machines. They do not expect him to live past age ten. My aunt has connected with a few other families in the country battling the same disorder. In July 2008, one family lost their daughter at a grim six years old. Unfortunately, these inopportune children were born into this nightmare.

My father was diagnosed with skin cancer almost four years ago. He is an excellent dad who has been through plenty of hardships. It is not fair that he has to suffer. I do not think that life is fair, but it occasionally seems particularly cruel. He has stage four melanoma. The cancer has spread throughout his body and is now inoperable. With no cure, chemo and radiation, along with their nasty side effects, are his only hope. Over the holidays he developed pancreatitis and shingles due to his weakened immune system. A generous amount of his time is spent exhausted or nauseous. My father never robbed a bank or killed anyone. He is not a terrorist. By comparison to others, my dad is far superior. I do not understand why those who are innocent must deal with such torture.

Even though my dad and cousin are both highly respectable, they are not immune from agony. I believe that being good does not shelter me from evil. Life does not work that way. I feel that trying to do what is right will help me to live a better life, but I can only control particular matters. Other aspects of life are beyond my control. I can try to live my life being idyllic, but that does not save me from harm. Nevertheless, I will continue to wish that decent citizens did not have to suffer.