I believe in teachers making a difference

Marie - Nashville, Tennessee
Entered on January 20, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in teachers making a difference

I believe I am who I am because of my teachers. I believe that teaching is one of the greatest professions. I believe teachers are our heroes. That’s why I am a teacher. This I believe.

This I believe: Teaching is an endangered profession. Teachers need the support of their students, the parents, other teachers, the administration, the school board, and the community. These individuals need to work together towards the same goal: providing the best education for the child.

And I believe that the best education for the child, or teenager, or adult, is not to be found in a series of achievement tests and such scores. Education is based on a desire to learn, in a classroom where learning comes ‘alive’. In these classrooms, students are encouraged to explore their gifts, expected to work hard, and taught responsibility for the consequences of their choices.

I believe that a teacher has the ultimate responsibility for this education, but she cannot provide it in a vacuum. The student has to do his/her part, which not only includes doing the class- and homework but showing respect toward the teachers, administrators, coaches, and other staff throughout the school. The parent is needed as a supporter and from the very beginning—if they’re not there helping out in kindergarten, they won’t be there in middle or senior high school. That parent doesn’t have to be an expert in the subject; the parent is the expert in their own child. If you don’t know the answers—be a wonderful model for your child—ask a question!

What else do I believe? We need the rest of the team on board to make this plane fly! The administrators, the board members, and the community are the support system of the school. While the teachers, students, and parents are the walls and interior of the school, these others form the foundation.

I believe that teachers make a difference in the world. I have. I have seen my students go on and graduate from medical school—“I’m studying psychiatry because of you, Ms. Trapp”—is that a compliment??–I have met them working in local hospitals as nurses; I have met them as teachers of my nephews; I have seen them as managers of the local McDonalds. I see the 13-year-old who didn’t want to do his homework become a loving husband and father and producer. I saw my star basketball player become Miss South Carolina and make the final five in the Miss America contest one year.

I am a teacher, and I believe in teachers because of the teachers who made a difference in my life, and I want to continue to teach just in case I can make a difference in someone else’s life.