Destiny And Purpose

Jonathon - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on January 19, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Destiny and Purpose

I believe that everyone in the world has a destiny and purpose to fulfill. Some people don’t realize that everything that they do has an affect on something or somebody. You may not have a major impact as far as being the next president, but you do have an affect on the congregation that surrounds you. My point to be made in this essay is to live your life and lead by example.

My father Leevern passed away on August 18th 2008 from liver failure as a result of cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer three months prior to his death. This man never gave up and kept his head high even when he found out about the bad news. It almost seemed like it didn’t even faze him to hear such bad news. All of my father’s friends wondered why he always walked around with a smile on his face because it seemed like he was still living a normal life.

As time went on, the condition of his health got worse. He had begun to walk with a cane because the cancer was taking over his body. Then a couple weeks later he couldn’t do anything by himself. My mother did her best to keep him as comfortable as possible but, the symptoms kept getting worse. Although as the symptoms began to get worse, he still had his head high telling me everything was going to be okay. I believed him because I knew he’d never lie to me.

Confined to bed but still an inspiration to many around him he became weaker. One morning my mother went to go check on him like she normally did but noticed something was different. She tried to wake him up so he could take his medicine and get something in his system. She kept nudging him to wake up when she realized that he had passed away in his sleep. There was a rush emotions going through my mother’s head when she realized the awful news. From that moment on, life had changed for everyone that knew Leevern East Jr.

Little did he realize the major impact he had on the lives around him. Many of my father’s friends took a different view at life after his death. They began to realize that during the times he was still able to get around that he was in pain but he never complained and continued life as though nothing was wrong. People began to question the way they lived life. Some began going to church, others spending more time with family, and lives that were shattered began to mend.

My father’s destiny was to lead by example not only for my brother and I but to those who knew him as well. He set a standard that many will never forget.