This I Believe

Nusrat - Burr Ridge, Illinois
Entered on January 19, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I was the first to contribute to a political campaign because I believe change is near, I believe when Obama speaks, he seems to be sincere.

I have seen and heard so much pain and agony, it is time to heal it is time for peace it is time for justice. After pain there is healing after tyranny there is justice. When I donated to Obama’s Campaign my son said, “Mom do you seriously believe he will do anything for us, I was silent for a moment and replied, I think he is different. My, son probed me again and said Mom, please think about it, how is he different? really what is he going to do for Palestine, for Darfur for Kashmir… what is he going to do in Iraq, after millions are killed and homeless… and his voice was getting stronger and mine weaker… I said let’s see….and that was the end of that conversation. With the recent events in Gaza my son came back from his dorm over the weekend…and said Mom, where is Obama now… see who is right …you wasted your money and your vote.

I took a deep breath and responded he is not officially in office yet and I still defended Obama like he was my other son and I still believe that he is different, he will stand for justice and he will speak the truth.

I said, remember the day when, no one in our house or in our circle of family and friends believed that he would win, I was the only person that said he will be our next president, before he had the democratic ticket, that same intuition might be speaking now…

I met Obama only once and I was extremely moved by his short 10 minute speech, ( Imet him in the summer of 2008 in hotel Carnivale in Chicago) I believed every word he said about change and truth and justice. I begged and pleaded in my heart please O God, Please don’t let Obama change, they say they have to in order to survive, Obama is stronger than that he does not have to change like every politician, He is Obama. He is different, He is our hope He is our hope for a better future for us Americans and for millions and for the voiceless and destitute around the world.

Millions around the world are waiting to see change and so are millions of Americans. Every single person I talked to, is tired and is desperately seeking change, as I prayed a voice inside told me to do something, so I wrote a desperate pleading letter to Obama, sealed it and hid it because I do not want my son to mock me again, “Oh, you think he will read your letter now…” I will quietly mail it and hop e and pray that he will read it and maybe and maybe respond to it….or maybe only time will tell…..