America Smiles at the World

Dorothy - Arcata, California
Entered on January 19, 2009
Age Group: 65+

I was the child of wandering English parents, although my birth and first home was in the USA. I never gave any thoughts to “people” until I finally came back to USA as an adult, having spent my twenty years in Europe. And, indeed I do admire and feel at home in Canada, England, France, Switzerland and Italy and perhaps all people have the capacity, but I believe that living here in America gives a person the ability to be generous, and to look at others in the world with kindness and smiling curiosity. I think we boost each other up with the belief that we can achieve anything and in so doing there is always hope ahead for a victory tomorrow, no matter how small the victory – it can be stopping to help someone or just smiling at a stranger, or writing an essay to everyone in America.