I Believe In Crying

Sharon - Romeoville, Illinois
Entered on January 19, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

People who cried used to annoy me. Especially grown-ups. Until last week when my 24 year old son appeared at my doorstep.Before he could get his shoes and coat off, he collapsed on the kitchen counter but not before I saw the anguish on his beet red face and his eyes brimming with tears. I had not seen him cry since his grandpa died almost eight years ago. He hid his head and sobbed while I hugged him . I had never felt so sad. I knew he was going through a particularly difficult time with school but didn’t know until he blurted out that his girlfriend who was interning three states away had broken up with him. I was shocked, surprised and gut-wrenching sad not because of this news, but because I felt so heartbroken that my son was hurting. It was then that I realized crying is like laughing, only the opposite. People have tears tears of joy and tears of pain. Tears are your soul leaking through your eyes. I believe in crying, feeling emotion and letting your soul leak.