This I believe

Joseph - Brockton, Massachusetts
Entered on January 19, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in predestination. I believe that some people are predestined to survive on this earth. Those who are predestined to survive have power over every foe in this world and even nature can’t fight them. For example, the Bible talks about the young Joseph who was predestined for his eleven brothers and parents to bow before him. I believe that even the angels could not win if they had plotted against Joseph. His brothers lost the battle as well as Mrs. Portipha.

When I was born, my mother said that I had veils that covered my face. She told me that I was born with the power to uncover any secret of the rulers of darkness on this earth and to be able to discern any enigma. Because of my power to detect the evil spirit at the age of four, someone threw me into a deep pond. I was in the water for about four hours, I don’t understand what saved me, but I know that I have a guardian angel that watching over me day and night. After my brother found me in the pond, I could not speak for about three to four months. One day, I woke up and told my mother that I saw an angel came and told me that I was not going to die and I was healed on the same day.

When I was seven years old, there was a major hurricane that came to the island by the name of “Flora.” Five months prior, I had a dream, I saw the house fall on us, and then I saw that I was able to escape and pulled everyone in the house one by one and saved them. When the hurricane came, we were in the house. My mother was holding the front door, my sister IMacula holding the back door my my Aunt Mēmēne was holding one of the side doors. The wind had already blew away one of the side doors. I heard a voice that told me to run. I went under my aunt’s legs. At once my mother ran after me to try to bring me back to the house, but not knowing why she ran after me, my sister Imacula picked up my baby brother Pharisian and ran after my mother. Then, my aunt ran after my sister with her baby girl Elicinte. Then the house fell right behind them. I also recalled when hurricane David passed in the island. I was at the capital waiting for a bus. When the hurricane came, there were no cars on the streets. I could not find taxis to go back home. I began to walk from Port-au-Prince to Thomasaint. At Bourdon, two huge trees fell down at once. One fell in the anterior, the other in my exterior. I heard a voice that told me “Fear not, my name is Angel Gabriel, I am an angel of God, I am with you.” Not even a leaf did touch me. Then, I went further. Once I crossed the river at Tête d’Eau, I saw the river was coming down. It carried houses, cows, horses as well as people. Then I heard Angel Gabriel told me again, “Fear not I am with you.”

I have seen many things in my dream that came in real life. I heard voices that told me not to go at some place and something happened. So I believe that there are other forces in nature that we as humans don’t know about unless we have been preordained to see, hear and talk to them. I believe that there is a God that created the universe. He is still in control. He sends his angels to watch over those that he predestined to survive on this earth for one reason or another. I believe in two different major forces that control the universe. For example, the force that was with Pharaoh in Egypt was not the same force that was with Moses. I believe that people with good hearts are always victorious, even when they die; God recreates them in the mind of others to fight against evil nature in this world. I believe in goodness. I believe in fairness. I believe in justice. I also believe due to evil that human beings committing against each other. The creator is angry with us and so he will destroy every system in this world some day and the creator of this world who is the only absolute will bring a system that will never be replaced.