We All Have a Story to Tell

Ang - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 18, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe….

We all have a story to tell. I have to say that I was challenged when it came to writing this essay about my principals, values, and beliefs. How could I write about things so important, but even more so, how could I narrow them down? I felt that if I wrote about it, I would be making some definitive statement about myself and it would be a one dimensional view of who I am.

At first pass, I thought, gosh I’m am really passionate about music and how it affects my mood, my thoughts, my memory, it makes me dance, it makes me smile, it makes me cry, there is always a story or message connected to it. I’ve been revisiting my Beatles collection and just love sharing their songs with my kids who may be hearing the songs a little different from the way I’m hearing them, but we’re connecting on some level. I believe in Lennon and McCartney.

I wanted to write about my youth and how growing up bi-racial was hard for not only me but for my siblings who I looked nothing like. I wanted to write about my family as a child, and how some of my siblings drug and alcohol use put a wedge in our family unit. I wanted to talk about how some of my losses were actually gains and how I believe in adversity and tenacity.

Then I thought, I’ll write about my kids, and how important it is for me to be a better person, a good role model, it’s a job and there is pressure in raising responsible individuals who positively contribute to this world. I wanted to write about my husband and how we compliment and balance one another. I wanted to write about my friends and how I believe in the importance of having someone there for you who you can trust and share just about anything with.

No, those ideas wouldn’t do. I had to write about our country’s financial crises and how it would affect us, or the election, one of the most historic and important elections of our time. On and on, my list of topics went. Then I realized why I couldn’t or wouldn’t pick one topic, because everything I wanted to discuss is actually a story of some sort. In order to know what I believe in or my values and principals, you first have to know me.

I believe that by sharing and listening to a story, we’ll know not only what a person believes in, but why they believe in it. I believe there are little “ah ha” moments in sharing a story, learning things we didn’t know before. I believe we are constantly growing and evolving as people and if we stop listening we begin to miss out on all the changes happening in our community and world.

This I believe, we all have a story to tell. Let me tell you one of mine, and then I’d like to hear one of yours.