I believe my Juju is an angel now

Patty - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on January 18, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

My daughter passed away on August 24th 2006. She had Angelman syndrome and was a hospice patience before she died. She was 14 years old and she never developed past the age of about a 6 month old baby so she didn’t know she was about to die. She just knew that she was not feeling so great. I sat with her in the hospice room day after day, and it was a lovely room. People would come in and talk to us, play music for her, pray for her, visit. I loved the painting the that was on the wall. It was of some victorian era children walking through a lovely gate with their dog and a couple of kittens and they appeared very happy and playful and the undertone was that they were entering the gates of heaven and of course there would be kitties and doggies there. How could there not be for our beloved babies if indeed it’s going to be heaven? Recently a co-worker emailed me some information, she is an accountant that I have never met face to face. She just lost her two cats that she had to put down. I work with disabled youth–I do this now in memory of my child but most people don’t know that. When she emailed me this about her cats, I was so sorry to hear that that we had a flurry of emails back and forth of my condolences and I told her my own grief story and we were soon both crying on our side of the computer. She was just trying to get my clients put in for payroll so that they could get paid and suddenly we were discussing if there indeed doggies and kitties in heaven. I feel that my daughter that had the diagnosis of Angelman syndrome is definately an angel now and that all the good souls of dogs and cats that graces the lives of our dear children are right there with them in heaven. Of course this is a matter of faith, but this what I believe.