I beleive in doing your own work.

Jonathan - Middle River, Maryland
Entered on January 18, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I belive that hard work always gets you to wonderful places… but where does the work that someone else did get you? No where. I am still in school, and I am one of the smarter people in my year. Even when writing a simple essay, I can never look at any examples because I find myself writing almost exactly what they wrote. Then, when I have finished (almost copying), I do not feel as though I have accomplished anything. It is only when I do my own work that I feel as though I have accomplished something, and that is usually my motivation for doing anything. In my school, as I was talking about earlier, people often slack off and never accomplish anything. If they are close to me, they will ask to copy my answers. Being the hipocrit I am (we all are at one point or another), I will often give in. The professors realize this most of the time, and either a) i get in trouble, or b) neither of our scores are counted, or even c) we both get in trouble, and even maybe a combination of “b” and “c”. This has proven to me many times over that only doing your own work allows one to prosper. Though it is more time consuming, and often recquires much thought, cheating never got anyone anywhere… so why do people do it?