Musical Outlook

Christian - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Entered on January 17, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

[ I believe each and every person has the power to use music to improve their identity and mold their outlook on life.]

Music is expressed in so many ways and iy has always been the center piece of my life. Ever since I was a kid I have been hypnotized by the sweet remedy of sound. It often tends to dominate my entire schedual, many weekends I have spent productivly and expressively working on expanding my sound. One of my passions about music is harnessing our changing world, locked away in my fingertips, and with the right keys I unlock it and share it with the abundant listeners across the universe.

As a proud musician myself I have used music to help me get through tough times. Just about three years I experienced so many diffrent feelings when I found out that my great grandmother had cancer. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had a hard time shifting through the fact that she had the probability of dying at any given time. When she went into surgery the doctors found yet another cancer it was uterine cancer of (the cervix.) This was about the time I turned to the hopeful sound of music, the soulful sound and meaningful lyrics of all those songs helped me through that rough year. Yet even as we thought the finnal chord had been strung it wasn’t over. About one month after the surgery my great grandma was diagnosed with the second most common cancer, breast cancer! It was the most devastating blow our family had suffered yet.

When splattered black lines and notes meet the plain white field, I believe inside everyone they have the power to make music move them and define their lives. I also know that it take practice to listen to sounds. I’ve been playing since the fifth grade and music has stuck to me like glue, but sometimes i can’t help but think that music is connected to everything ancestors, love, death, joy, grief, and hope. Hope is especially important to me, it gives people the ambition to live another day, believe in cures for cancer and other disease, walk on the moon and fight for equality, and to even think that all of these are connected by music is completely mind blowing to me.

My favoprite part of music is whatching the sound flutter across the estatic air like a frail butterfly that plays a beat to its own rhythm and gracious moves. I love seeing all of the people’s faces at they suddenly realize that there entire outlook on music has been changed.