Just Dance

Weston - Plymouth, Minnesota
Entered on January 17, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Bullying happens to everyone; some more than others. People care too much about what other people think. They live their lives in order to look good in others eyes. They do not do anything rash or something that would make them stand out in a crowd. I believe that people shouldn’t be afraid of doing something different. For the past seven years I have taken dance classes in tap, jazz, and ballet.

I started in 4th grade at Summit Dance, now called Summit Dance Shoppe. I took a beginners class the first couple years, then I took the intermediate class. This last year I also signed up for a class at Keane Sense of Rhythm, which teaches tap for three hours on Sunday. I tend to be the only boy in my classes, which I don’t mind! I enjoy dancing and nothing that someone will say can change my mind.

In 7th grade, I had to deal with a bullying situation.. It was during half time at our school’s student-staff basketball game. I chose to dance during half time to show that I enjoy what I do and I do not care what anyone thinks. After the game was over, this jerk thought it would be funny to jump in front of me and mock me. He imitated in a cruel way some of the moves from the dance. I do not take bullying kindly in the least. So, I picked this kid up and pinned him against the wall. Then I looked him straight in the eye and told him, “I enjoy dancing and I don’t give a damn what you think,” and walked away. Never once after that did I hear anything else from the kid.

Sometimes people ask me why I dance. It is really hard for me to tell someone why I dance, but I usually just say because it is something that not a lot of guys do and to me it is hobby. I also get asked if my parents signed me up for a class. The answer to that is no, I decided to sign up myself. I really enjoy taking dance classes and nothing will change that, not even a bully.