november twenty six eleven

mallika - India
Entered on January 17, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Wednesday, the 26th of November. A blind fear swept all over Mumbai and like some infectious flu, was caught by the rest of the nation. We delved in relief, in happiness not to be the ones present at the blasts. We sympathized with those who had been harmed in whatever way by those gut-wrenching acts of terror. But most of all, together, as a nation we cursed the terrorists – the cause of such profound grief, pain and misery. However, was there a deeper thought behind these inhumane acts? The root of this sin? Not money. Not love. Religion.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, religion is a set of conducts resulted from tenets about the ultimate power. It is a way of feeling His presence, a way of bringing yourself closer to God. And the right way of going about that is to kill innocent people and taint your hands with the blood of murder? There is no religion in the WORLD which preaches killing blameless people to bring you closer to God. It is all very well to perform Pujas, sing holy songs and carry out the rest of the propaganda but at the end of the day, if it turns two complete strangers against each other just because they have different faiths and mindsets it’s not a very permissible obsession is it?

It is sad that people are brought up being told how great their own religion is. Find a good value in another religion and make it a part of your own is what I would do. Mughal emperor Akbar’s Din-Il-Ahi was one of the few faiths that actually made an ounce of sense. And, look what happened to it. It disappeared of the face of the earth because people can’t justify the unnatural absence of holy songs, idolism and ritualistic worship. It wouldn’t hurt to break the stereotypes and get rid of prejudices. But people don’t like living in the real world. They like the fact that whatever they do, whether wrong or right can be backed by the simplest of arguments – Religion. They know that whatever they do will be supported by that unswervingly loyal excuse – Religion. Isn’t it time to learn some lessons from life and stop discrimination simply because you look at the world in a different way from the next person? STOP it now. Nothing in the world can justify mass-murder of the sort that took place on 26th, Thursday. Its time to convert to the universal faith – PEACE