I believe every thing happens for a reason.

Nico - Palmer, Alaska
Entered on January 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

Several years ago, my family decided to move to another city. I was distraught, I had just started high school, I didn’t want to leave my friends, and I didn’t want to leave our house that we had lived in for so long. But it wasn’t my choice, so I learned to accept it. One summer after we had been there for a while I took a summer job working for a family friend.

One day when I was at work, I met one of my boss’s relatives who happened to work on the admissions board for a sister school of the college that I was interested in. I was able to talk her a little bit about the two schools, and she was able to answer a few of the questions that I had. We moved again, and I eventually forgot meeting her.

When I became a senior in high school, it became time to apply to college. When I was reading through the applications I realized that I was not able to apply to the school that I had wanted to because I was home schooled for a few years and I didn’t have any transcripts from those years. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, the school would just use my A.C.T. score instead, but the problem was that I didn’t have a high enough score to do that. So I applied to the sister school that didn’t have that requirement.

Time pasted and a week or so after the application deadline, I received a phone call from the lady that I had met years earlier. I had forgotten about meeting her and so the call was quite a surprise. She informed me that the school that I had applied to needed the same A.C.T. requirement and that there was a way to get the requirement overridden for the school that I had wanted to go. I was happy when I learned this, but it was past the deadline. She informed me that couldn’t get me into the school or anything, but she said that she could try to get the board to at least look at my application.

I was able to get the requirement overridden and accepted into that school. My family didn’t live there very long, but I’m glad we did. If we had not lived there I would have never met her and I would have never known that you could get the requirement overridden, and I wouldn’t be at the school that I wanted to go to. This is why I believe that everything happens for a reason.