When Everything Changed

Hans - Saint Petersburg, Florida
Entered on January 16, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, family, love

Have you ever felt that your life was over? Theirs nothing you can do about it because it smacks you right in the face. So fast and so hard that you don’t know what hit you. For days you can’t do anything without thinking about what happened. Because the life around you is so dead. I’m writing this because I believe that you might wake up and don’t know where your family and friends went. So you should spend every last second you have with your family and friends.

I grew up on a small ranch in a small town east of Texas about three hours away from the largest city. I would never expect how it feels to get hurt so bad. Now I asked Myself over and over what did I do to deserve this? Life is the way it is. Everyone has to go as hard as it seems.

It happened to when I was about 11 on October 11, 2005 about 5 days after my dad’s birthday. It was a dark gloomy day I new something crazy was going to happen that day but I did not believe. It was in the morning while I was getting ready for school. My dad and my two older brothers Clint and Tony went off because they knew that someone was taking tools off the ranch. So they wanted to catch the person. They found the person but they had to pay a cost. That was there lives. My dad was the first one to die. My dad was talking to the person but he pulled a gun and shot my dad four times and ran over my dad with his car. Clint heard the shots and started running for his life but he was shot in the shoulder and fell to the ground bleeding for his death. Then he saw Tony my other brother. He pointed the gun to Tony’s forehead “CLICK” the gun was empty. He got in his car but Tony stopped him with the bulldozer. His car was total but he ran in the deep woods. My brother Tony grab Clint and took him to the hospital while they were going to the hospital Clint died.

It effected everyone in my family exceptionally me. Before my dad died he told me don’t be a failure in life chase your dreams. He believed in me like everyone else in my family. I was not really close to my dad but I loved him so much.

I might not have my dad to tell me stories or play ball with me anymore but I do have someone watching me from the Heaven above. The point I’m trying to tell you is what I believe. Try to spend the most time with your family and friends before you wake up and don’t know where the went.