a Father to the Fatherless

R - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on January 16, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in helping others. I never experienced a father-son relationship, at the age of two years old my father died of cancer. But ever since I became a Christian in March of 2003, I noticed how many boys were fatherless in my church. Always feeling the loss of my father when I needed guidance growing up I understood how these boys must have felt. Trying to find out who you are, where or how you belong in society could be a lonely and insecure time in a boy’s young life.

I decided to talk to my pastor about starting a fatherless boys group and he agreed. I managed to form a group of four teenage boys ranging from about fifteen to seventeen years old. With their mother’s permission, I would arrange a time and date to pick up the boys. We would do things like go on camping trips, bike trail rides, mountain climbing and local historic tours. They even became involved in community service activities such as helping to cut peoples yards and keeping the church grounds manicured.

I was able to teach the boys lessons from my own life experiences and was able to be a mentor to them in giving them advice. It is a rewarding and gratifying feeling to know that I had a memorable part in each one of these young men’s lives and hope to continue helping more fatherless boys. I believe that if there was someone in my life to just give me some kind of guidance that maybe I would have stayed out of all the trouble I had growing up. I was given a second chance at life because I am a kidney transplant recipient. It has been now three years since the transplant. I can say it has been truly remarkably, my wife was my match. That in itself is another whole story but I believe in giving back because you will help yourself in the end.