I believe in hard work

wesley - rexburg, Idaho
Entered on January 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Wow what a wonderful dream. Just as I was getting to the good part, I heard this

piercing noise in the background. No it can’t be 5:00 am already! I fight to stay in my warm cozy sanctuary, but than I feel the cold nip of the morning air on my nose and face. I struggle out of bed half awake as my bare feet hit the floor. I feel the icy cold floor beneath my feet, and with every step I take I feel like frost bite is nipping at my toes. Everything is dark; I can’t see where I’m going, than all of a sudden a light of hope appears ahead of me. As I drew near to it I see dad cooking breakfast in the kitchen. My nose starts to smell the eggs, freshly fried bacon and waffles. With my fork in hand I scarf down my morning nourishment that will get me through the day. I rush to the back door taking my hat, coat and gloves on my way out. The icy breeze hits my face like needles and makes ice cycles hang from my nose hairs. This chilling experience gives me a chance to look around and think, wow! Here comes another 17 hours of straight work today.

I grab hold of the handle bar on the 4 wheeler and swing my leg over the seat like I would if I was riding a horse and turn on the engine. With a thundering roar I drive down to the fence line with the 4 wheelers headlight guiding the way. As I drive the cold wind tries with all it’s might to push me off, but I am frozen to my seat. Finally I make it to the place of employment for the day. As I gather my tools I get ready to start building fence. I grab a steel post and a post pounder and away I went. Each time I pound the post my whole body feels a jolt especially my hands and fingertips. As I keep going through out the day my body starts to change. I started the day freezing only now it is warm and hot. I am sweating like a pig. The sweat drips from my brow and soon my whole body is drenched within it, making me smell of something awful.

It’s getting late and time to head home. As I take time and look back at what I accomplish in one day. It always makes me feel good when I work hard enough and accomplished something. I strongly believe in hard work. I grew up on a ranch in southwest Colorado. You have to be a worker to make it in this world. If you want something you have to work for it. You can’t just sit around and expect life to just hand things to you. You have to get out there and work for it; it’s as simple as that. Whatever your goals and aspirations are you can achieve them with a little thing called hard work. This is what I believe in and I applied this to my life and this principle has made me what I am today.