This I Believe

Tyler - Nampa, Idaho
Entered on January 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Bringing Out Our Talents

Almost every day for the the past nine years, I have been playing basketball. I have played with friends, family, on leagues, on school teams, and even sometimes by myself. I have always had a deep passion for the game, so deep that I had big dreams about it. My biggest dream I had was that I would one day, after high school, be able to play in college. However that dream never did end up coming true.

I have been led to believe that everyone is given different talents for a reason. Which is very true in some cases. I was never given the natural talent to be an amazing basketball player. I have had friends and family that were just naturally good at the game. I have always wondered why I was never given this talent when I love the game so much. When I played on league teams, I never started or played very much. I always made the lowest teams all throughout my school career. In eighth grade I made the C team, which I hated, and I played pretty well there, but that’s because I was playing with kids that were terrible. My freshmen year of high school I made the B team, which was the lowest team, again. I played pretty well here to but again I was playing with kids that were’nt very good. My sophmore year I made the sophmore team, my junior year I made the Junior Varsity team, and finally I made Varsity as a senior.

Even though I was always stuck on the lowest team, and even though I didn’t get the oppurtunities to play very much, I still stuck with it and I never stopped playing. I worked hard every day so that I could get better and maybe one day I might get my chance to become an amazing player. I think I became an amazing player by my senior year, I just missed out on the oppurtunities to be shown that I was an amazing player. I know that some people are given different talents for a reason, but I believe that we are given talents that we have to work for as hard as we can to bring that talent out in our lives. Hard work can be the best thing that you ever do in your life, so go out and try it.