I had something else to learn

brett - 84003, Utah
Entered on January 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

when I was twelve I was just a school boy, I did that which any other twelve year old would do. I rode my bike, dreamed about having super powers. I had it pretty much made for a twelve year old. I came from a broken home, which wasn’t a very big deal, at least to me anyways. It was always routine every other day i was either with my mother or my father. i always knew had my brother there with me.

everything was pretty normal, until the day that forever altered my life. i can still remeber the day, it was a gloomy overcast wednesday,it was a day never to be forgotten. my brother and I had just finished school for the day and we were heading up the steep hill to our old neighborhood where we once lived. it was the place our mom always came and got us. my brother and I reminissed about the good old days, because it was here in this very neighborhood where we shared most of our boyhood memories. Like learning to ride our bike without training wheels, having water wars in the summer, with our super soakers. we watched as other kids came and got picked up by there parents. slowly but surely everyone was picked up except us. minute by minute went by, then minutes turned to hours.we kinda joked around that our mother had forgotten about us, but we knew she would never do that. we kept saying to each other any minute now she’ll come, any minute now.The noon had turned to night, we decided to go to a neighbor we once knew to use the telephone. we called our dad, just so we didn;t have to spend the night on the street.My dad was in a little bit of a worried mode when he came and got us. when we got home it was a relief we were just glad to be home. there came a knock at the door, it was a police officer. i thought that was strange my first insticnt was what did i do wrong . he very gingerly asked to speak with my father.they stepped outside. i went to my room and said a quick prayer. As i prayed that everything would be ok i had a overwhelming calm come over me, and i had the assurance that everything was gong to be ok. my dad came in with tear filled eyes, i new something was up. he told us the news that our mother had been killed in an automobile accident. it was in an instant i pictured my life without my mom. i balled like a baby. i questioned god just like anybody would when something misfortunate happens. i just didn’t understand why she had gone so young. i didn’t want this, this was far from what i wanted. once i learned to forget about self. i learned that GOD had taught me something, that this life is short. but it is only the begining.I know now that our lives here have great purpose, that death is not the end. i just need a little wake call. so God taught me something i needed to learn.