Honesty: The Best Policy

Holly - French Lick, Indiana
Entered on January 15, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

As a young child, my parents always taught me to be honest. The “lie corner”, a cruel and unusual punishment to me as a child, instilled in me the principle of honesty. I always dreaded this punishment. It meant standing in a corner of our house for as long as my mother or father deemed necessary. Whenever one of my siblings or I would tell a lie and my mother found out, she would send the liar to a corner. Although now, to me, this punishment does not sound so daunting, as a little child, I could not stand it. One experience that helped me learn the value of honesty happened the summer after I turned seven.

During that summer, my mother earned extra money cleaning a neighbor’s house. I went with her because I could not stay alone at home. These neighbors had American sliced cheese in their refrigerator and I envied them. My mother never bought this kind of cheese because of the cost and lack of nutrition. I took a slice without my mother knowing and brought it home to hide in one of my decorative boxes located on the top of my dresser. Several days later, my mother helped me clean my room and found the piece of cheese, which to this day, I am surprised it had not spoiled. My mother took me back to the neighbor’s house and made me confess my thievery. Of course I was afraid to go next door, but because my mother made me tell my neighbor, I learned an important lesson in honesty.

I believe in honesty to be the best policy. Even though I do make mistakes, as in my cheese stealing, I still try to be honest with all people. I want the trust of those around me. I believe that if everyone valued the principle of honesty the way I do, the world would be more trusting. I, as a steward of this earth, need to be honest and to accept the honesty of others.