Beauty – A Measure of the Soul

Daniel - Houston, Texas
Entered on January 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My high school Humanities class spent one day at school blindfolded. I stumbled from class to class and participated in class discussions in complete darkness. Still in darkness I rode the school bus, climbed the stairs and ate lunch without a glimmer of light. The purpose of the exercise was to discover a different meaning of beauty besides physical beauty.

Beauty is often misunderstood. I discovered that beauty is neither the fair maiden nor the dashing prince. For that matter, true beauty is something that can not be seen with your eyes. It is through the blindfold exercise at school that I discovered that beauty is in the friends I could not see. Beauty is in their humorous words, in the pitch of their excited voices, and in their bellowing laughter. Beauty is being joyous about everything and nothing. During that day of darkness, I discovered that true beauty is inner beauty.

Normally, most people do not pay much attention to inner beauty because they tend to superficially judge beauty based on what they see. Just because something or someone looks pretty, smells nice, or seems elegant, does not make them beautiful in my mind. Through much discussion with my friends and teachers, I have come to realize that I feel beauty deep within my being and beauty comes from deep within other people. It seems that the best way to describe beauty is that it is a measure of the soul.

Consider, or feel, the beauty of a child’s soul. A child who is being destroyed by cancer yet still finds strength, compassion, and beauty to share with others. Feel the beauty in a mother’s soul when she is always the last to close her weary eyes at night and the first to rise without complaint to face her unending duties in the morning. Feel the beauty of a grandfather’s soul when he gives the extra pushes on the swing despite his debilitating back pain. Yes, feel the beauty and measure the soul. This I believe.