The Power of Tears

Kirsten - Jacksonville, North Carolina
Entered on January 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Growing up, you are constantly told to “dry upon those tears” or “it’s not worth crying over.” I used to take these words to heart, before I truly understood the power of tears: Tears have always been a symbol of my own weakness. Something I only reveal to those who know my strength. Through losses, and hardships: I am a stonewall. But the tears come when I am alone, because of all people, I know my own strength.

When the tears do come, I morph into Pandora’s Box. A flood of emotion that has been suppressed, finally surfaces. The wall that I had become quickly crumbles. The pride that acted as the barrier to my tears is no more. All the bad that was tuck away, ever so carefully, released to the world.

To my friends and family I am strength. My ability to “let things go” is highly praised. But I haven’t let them go; I have just tucked them away for a “rainy day”. I wear a smile on my face-nothing but a facade. I laugh and joke-nothing but a distraction. I refuse to show my feelings-nothing but a weakness. All the strength I have is wasted in my attempts to mask the way I truly feel.

This is why I believe in the power of tears. Within a tear, my weakness, I find strength. It is a strong person that can cry and mean it; who isn’t afraid for the world to know that things are difficult. To share your feelings and empty your box, you make room for good to come. Tears are more than the simple emotion they represent; they are a release from the burden of having to hide. So tears are strength-not only do I believe, but I know.