A Second Chance

Ian - Miamisburg, Ohio
Entered on January 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The only way a human can adapt and learn is through experience. If someone commits a crime or felony and is locked up forever or killed because of it, then that person will never get the chance to correct their mistakes. Experience, humans all through time have succeeded and triumphed through trial and error. Humans possess a capability that other beings on Earth do not and that is to learn from their mistakes.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Whether the mistake made was as extreme as a serious crime or as innocent as a mistake made in a relationship. I think it’s impossible to learn or correct what you’ve done without that second opportunity. I should be able to re-enter this world and live off of what I have done because if you end my life for what I have done, what would I learn? What experience would I gain?

I especially believe that small stuff such as relationship problems should be forgive. Many relationships between a man and woman are destroyed because the wrong thing said or the wrong actions done. Unfortunately, too many of those relationships were never given a second chance. I along with everyone else have flaws, but is what we learn from those flaws that leads us to success. I have ended many relationships by saying or doing the wrong thing, and in every one of those situations I’ve never been able to grow off of my mistakes for a “next time” occurrence because every situation and every relationship is different and based off of different feelings and emotions.

Unfortunately, every relationship is different, every situation in life is different, a new frontier. If we are never given a second chance, how do we know the experience we’ve received from before will help us now? I think that if everyone in the world would get a better understanding of the flaws of each other, we can find it easier to forgive and forget our mistakes.