Understanding happiness

Kyaw Saw Aung - Myanmar
Entered on January 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

All my life, I grew up with negativity. I had many difficulties and sad moments in my past. I have always been told that life is difficult. I never had a happy life in high school. High school was like a nightmare for me. I never knew the meaning of happiness. All the teachers were negative and never encouraged me to keep moving forward. They always told me that “You will never make it”, “If you in fail your exam again I will cut your throat”.

When I passed matriculation, I felt like I was like a bird free from a cage. It was such a beautiful day for me. I didn’t even believe that I passed the exam. From that day I’m afraid that if happiness would last longer. Then, I started to learn what happiness is.

It is believed that money can buy happiness. If we are rich, we can buy as much as we want. However, I have seen some rich people are not happy enough because of their unsatisfactory marriage and not having good relationship. People who hate their jobs are also not happy. Likewise, people who always get angry with their family members are not happy. Moreover, people who severely ill cannot be happy.

We can see the people who stay in village are very happy with their lives. They have no greed and they are content with their lives. They don’t like being in a city life with facilities. We can see people who are working hard labour singing songs happily on the road. So that happiness is not only created by money but also by influences by mental, physical, relationship and jobs.

I started to read books about psychology and personal developments and I have learnt a lot of great things from that. I realized that I was unhappy when I was in high school because I hated the teachers and students. I allowed the hatred to keep inside me so that it sucked all the positive energy inside me. Now, I let go off hate and make room for positive emotions and joys and I try to love the people and forgive the people. I try to stop thinking about the negativities and only focus on the things I want.

I ‘m happy now because I ‘m doing what I love. I am going to the computer graphic school and learning how to paint in the computer and I have made many friends at school. Now I spend most of my time drawing pictures, cartoons and graphics and go out with my friends. As a movie enthusiasm, I watch lots of movies to enter film business. I’m still learning English and everything I should know. I went to the American centre and study my favourite language English and read many English books. Now I ‘m doing the things I love and I’m very happy.