Attukaren - Pondicherry,605001,, India
Entered on January 15, 2009
Age Group: 65+


This essay is a summary of my growing friendship with people of other religions and of my promoting the same friendship till now.

Since I believe that such friendships can be built up through your network, it is possible to build a peaceful world united on friendship.

In the year 1983, as a young catholic priest I was surprised to read an unusual news that a government school was named with a Christian missionary name of Rev. Constantine Beschi( VERAMAMUNIVAR HIGH SCHOOL.) The newspaper also contained a report that the above initiative was taken by a non Christian teacher of that school acknowledging the contribution of the missionary to the Tamil literature.

Impressed by the broad mind of Late Mr. Sivacannappa a non Christian teacher I met him on the same day in that school and appreciated his goodwill. He was not expecting my visit at all but all the same he was very happy to be recognized by a catholic priest. Without any feelings of difference in age and religion we did not realize that our friendship that very moment and would continue till his death.

On the same day with a desire of having a Muslim Friend ,my friend Sivacannappa introduced me to his Muslim Friend Mohamed Hussein, the Town Cazy. Three of us became a first group of committed inter-religious friends and we continued promoting inter- religious friendships. With a slow growth of inter-religious friendship groups for 8 years we organized ourselves as a registered body with 3 groups of inter-religious friends consisting of 3 Hindus,3 Muslims and 3 Christians.

At the end of the year 2008 there were 30 groups of inter-religious friends in two districts. From the year 2009 we plan to promote many more groups of inter-religious in as many districts and states as possible. It is Possible if there is a proper plan.