The True Meaning behind Beauty

Phong - houston, Texas
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

There are many different definitions for beauty, determine on the people. Most people may think that beauty is how people look on the outside, but I think that people looks are just the outer shell and that the real beauty is their personality. When people see a girl or a guy that looks “beautiful” or “hot” they only see their shell, but after going up to them and actually finding out that person personality is not what they expected, they would think that person is the ugliest person ever. Looks may be the only thing people are looking for, but looks isn’t everything.

There are many people out there that are blind or mute, some people may think that they are not beautiful, but many people don’t care about that; I lasted one whole day being mute at school for a little project. When I was mute my friends didn’t really change how they thought of me. They treated me the same, but they just wanted me to talk. The blind people, blind folded for a whole day were treated no different from the mute people; they just needed to get others to escort them. Some people like to mess with the blind people because they thought it would be funny and they wouldn’t get caught. After the day was over I was relief, not talking or not seeing is hard work.

There is much beauty out there the beauty of art, the beauty of happiness, and so on. I believe that the beauty in a person is their personality not their looks. After being mute for a day I learn many things about people views on beauty. I learn that people that are quiet and shy was treated differently from the people that are loud and fun. This is what I think the true meaning behind beauty is.