Stealing My Voice

charles - Houston, Texas
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Stealing my Voice

When you first come into this world you don’t really see anything and the only sound you can hear is the screaming of your own voice. I don’t think anyone can remember how that felt. Until you see a light and it reveals the people who will be taking care of you. But what if your eyes never opened and you can never see the people who have been taking care of you, or even speak to them? The only thing you can see is the pitch black of darkness and the only sound you can hear, are the thoughts going threw your mind. As an experiment we did in class we had to go the whole day either being blinded or muted.

I choose to be muted the whole day. I thought about the positive and negative side of it. The positive side of it all was that I got to see the world and everyone in it. I knew that I could see my friends that I’ve known my whole life. I also knew I could drive and go places without having someone else do it for me. Also enjoy the beautiful sound of music and to be able to read books. For the negative “side effects” if you wish to call them. Even if I knew my friends my whole life I couldn’t pick up a phone and call them, I would need to have someone else call them for me. To communicate with people, I would need to write thinkgs down so they could actually understand what I would be trying to tell them. Another negative side would be harder for me to find a job to help pay for college because I couldn’t talk to people.

In my experiment I have learned that I wouldn’t like being blind or muted. There are many people in the world that are like that and I give them my full respect and cutisey, because for one day I got to really feel how it would be to be muted. But I have to remember that they have to go threw what I did there whole lives and be casted away from normal society.