This I Believe

Dina - Houston, Texas
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that beauty can be found anywhere you are. You just have to look further than what your eyes see. Beauty is not only what someone looks like on the outside, it is also what someone is on the inside too. Beauty is something that is supposed to stand out to you, something that opens your eyes, or something that makes you see the world in a whole different way. I learned this two weeks ago when my humanities class went around our school to take pictures of things we thought represented beauty.

My school is not the best looking school you’ve seen, but if you really take sometime to look around the school you will find lots of things to appreciate about it. That day I went around my school, it was raining outside, so the school was all damp and wet. At the beginning of the activity I really wasn’t into it because I thought that it was pointless and just an excuse for the teachers to pass the time. After a while I started to notice things that I really never saw before. I kept saying “How long has that been there?” or “Since when has that been there?” I started to see my school in a whole new way because I was actually taking time to look at what stood out to me. I learned that day that if you actually take time to appreciate things you see normally everyday you will realize the true meaning of their beauty.

A week later our humanities class received an assignment that had to do with being mute or blind for a day. At first I thought that the teacher was just joking around, but then she handed us a paper that said what we had to do and when; I knew it wasn’t a joke. We had the weekend to get ready and I didn’t really feel like doing it. I thought that since it wasn’t for a grade that it wasn’t worth it, but my mom still made me bring a blindfold to school incase I change my mind. When I came to school I still didn’t feel like being blind, so I just kept my blindfold in my backpack. A lot of my friends in passed me throughout the morning and it looked like they were having a lot of fun being blind. I thought that maybe I should try it out at least for one class, so I did. I actually left it on for the rest of the day because it was nice to have one school day that was different then the others.

My day being blind had its ups and downs, but I’m glad that I went through with it. I liked it because it was nice to have one of my days at school to be different then the rest of them. Also I got a chance to experience what actual blind people have to go through everyday and how people act around them. But I didn’t like everything about it because people thought it was funny to mess with the blind kids. I realized how rude and mean people can actually be to you especially if you can’t see who they are. So many people were hurting me; they would try to push me down the stairs, trip me, pull my hair, and hit me just because I couldn’t see who they were. I am still glad I did it thought because then I had to go to my humanities class and we all shared our experiences. Everybody basically went through the same thing, so I wasn’t alone.

I look at things in a different way now because of my exploration of what beauty really is. I don’t look at people now and describe who they are now because of the way they look. I now know how people can say that looks are not always important and actually mean it. I’m really glad I had the chance to experience this because it opened my eyes and taught me how to look at the world differently.