Best Friends

Lauren - solon, Ohio
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

What would you do if you didn’t have anyone to have an amazing time with, or no one to tell your secrets to? I don’t know what I would do. I have such fantastic friends with great traits about them. I believe that everyone needs a best friend

Click went the camera “Omg you look great in that picture,” Rachel says to Nikki. Weather it’s a fantastic night of playing life twists and turns or making pasta and decorating sparkly pom-pom infused puffy painted FBI shirts, I know that my best friends will always be there to have a great time with.

Nikki, Rachel, and Rachel are my best friends. I believe it’s so important to have peers that you can tell things to. We can tell each other anything and I think that that’s a really amazing trait to have in best friends. I know if I tell them who I like or if I want something, that they will be supportive of me. However, they will still give me their honest opinion, that’s only one of the many reasons I love them so much.

At Emma Kaufamn Camp in West Virginia, we all lived in close proximity from each other (a platform tent about 15×20 square feet) and we learned the different quirks of all of us. Rachel G is a really, really messy person. With her trail of clothes from her bed to her cubby, across the tent, and a swimming pool of clothes at the bottom of her cubby it made it very difficult to live. But I also found out that Rachel is very good at listening to my rants about a guy who wants a relationship when you don’t or about how

Dahar 2

much I hate a certain gym teacher who claims that he can fail you out of gym. Rachel k, who’s very protective of her things such as her cubby and her bed, is also up for anything wild and fun such as climbing the pamper pole or just to go hang out with quad 4, the boys quad. And then there’s Nikki, who we learned to stay away from in the morning. “The next person who comes in to this tent in the morning singing seasons of love, or any song for that matter, I am going to throw your stuff out of the tent” Nikki would shout everyday for 4 weeks from her bed. But I also learned that Nikki could make any situation entertaining. Weather it was picking out each others outfits for Shabbat or helping me get rid of a weird stalker, I know that my besties will always be able to help me through anything.

My best friends have all the best traits like having fun, listening to me and all the wonderful things that make me love them. I know I am so lucky to have them. I believe that everyone needs a best friend.