My Better World

Mitchell - Solon, Ohio
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I made the choice at 13 it was my mom that convinced me. I made a big choice, life shaking. I made a choice to become the best, healthiest, conservative person I could be. I decided to become vegan . I am 14 years old. My whole family and I do not eat dairy or meat, and try and not kill animals.

I remember the thanksgiving before I became vegan. As my family and I entered my grandparents’ house the smell of roasting turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie wafted our noses with a sweet kiss of warmth and delight. The food was like a wonderland of flavor. As we ate our delicious dinner my mom was in deep thought. After we arrived home my mom told my brother, dad, and I that she was becoming vegetarian. Days past and my mom explained how eating animals and killing them so inhumanly was wrong. Eventually I became vegetarian. Soon after my mom made the rest of the family become not vegetarian, but vegan. My family and I became an animal right activist. I do not want to kill animals if I don’t have to.

Later my little brother and I started to tell our friends at school. While my friends rejected the thought of ever doing anything that insane or stupid, as they would say, my younger brother’s friends accepted him and encouraged him. Even if my friends didn’t accept that too well, and they still do, I manage to get by.

“Mmmmmmmmmm I love eating meat,” my friend exclaimed one day at the lunch table. He took a gigantic bite out of his turkey sandwich. The sandwich was full of turkey, lettuce and tomato to the bursting point.

“Ha ha very funny” I replied sarcastically.

“Dude you’re so skinny just eat meat,” he shouted out to me as he reached and grabbed my arm.

“Stop,” I exclaimed as I pulled my arm away. “Don’t you know what you are eating?” Everyday I usually have some kind of conversation with someone about eating animals, or animal rights, its normal for me. It’s annoying. I feel like school isn’t a place where I learn, but teach. I teach kids what I eat and why I eat it, but sadly I am like a teacher teaching a classroom full of kids with music blasting through their ears. Nobody cares and nobody listens.

Even if my friends reject it or make fun of me I still believe in not killing animals or doing harm to them. I believe that people kill animals for no reason, if it is kids in the lunchroom or relatives at thanksgiving people seem to not want to change their life style. Killing animals is wrong and cruel. I believe what I believe and no one should tell me different. I believe in a better world.