Learn from mistakes

Eric - Solon, Ohio
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Now, finally, I stared down the steep, misty snowy drop. The ice whipped my face. I couldn’t feel my fingertips. I stood on the board, clipped in, turned, then…

The first time we went out to try snowboarding I had a lesson. I learned all the basics and excelled faster than a raging bullet. At this point, snowboarding was calling my name. Then after the lesson, I crashed onto the ground and a sharp pain shot through my arm. Ski patrol rushed me to the base of the mountain and shipped me away to a hospital. When we arrived the doctors out me in a dark, small, X-ray room. They disappeared into the room next to me. I heard one doctor say,

“I wonder how it happened?”

“the other exclaimed “it doesn’t matter”.

Then someone with a heavy blue coat trudged into my room and took an X-ray. He didn’t say anything, and then lurped over to the room with the other doctors. I heard a dark low voice say “Its nothing bad, just a minor fracture.” The doctors came out to bring me to another room that was as bright as fire burning on a log in the darkest of the night. They wrapped a dark green cast around my arm. Six, miserable weeks passed before it was completely healed.

Finally I made up my mind that I would become a great snowboarder. I went up to Geiger’s and got all the stuff I needed. I got a white burton board with green designs on the bottom and a streak of green on the sides. I got flow bindings that were top quality for my kind of riding. My boots were midnight black tributes. I got a season pass to Boston mills. I would zip out there every weekend and board with my friends. To conclude every bit of trouble from beginning to end was all worth it. I would have never been able to do this if I couldn’t learn from my mistakes. This theory helps me get through everything life throw at me. This has gotten me through life up to this point.