Dehydrated Night

ethan - solon, Ohio
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

As frantic as my mind could be, thoughts running in and out of my head I was trying to keep it on a down low. I slumpt back into my seat wondering what Tyler’s mom was going to think when we showed up in the house, Caught red handed.

It all started when I was over my friend’s house, Tyler’s, and a few other of my friends were there too. We were just playing some fun Mario-cart on the Wii for a couple hours and vegetating on his bed, munching away at chips and pizza. The whole night Kyle was blabbering about how thirsty he was, and how there were no drinks in the whole house. I couldn’t lie, I was pretty thirsty myself. Then, Steven had an idea that wasn’t that bad at the time. He said that we should just walk into town and go to the 24/7 store and pick us up some drinks for the night so we weren’t so dehydrated. Later that night we found out that that wasn’t such a good idea.

I, Steven, Kyle, and Tyler discussed the pros-and-cons about getting some drinks while the rest of the guys were playing the Wii. The bad things about getting the drinks was that is was 3:00AM, we would have to sneak out, we would have to run there in the dark, and be on the look out for cops since it was past curfew. But at least we would have our cold refreshing drinks to cool us down in the summer heat.

When we decided to do it, we all dressed in black clause and told everyone that we were going out to get drinks. The other guys didn’t care as much since there eyes were glued to the TV screen like peas on rice. By the time we got to the street, we were scared to death that we would be seen by a car. We were diving into trees and bushes every time we saw a car. We thought our techniques were unbeatable. By the time we were all the way down the street near the store, we were feeling cocky that we hadn’t been seen by one car. So we sort of just forgot about the cars and said that we would get there faster running. Unfortunately, that was a mistake. We were by a restaurant running when all of a sudden out of no where this cold, bare, metal fence pops out of nowhere. And we all ran head first into it. At the same time we all felt a burst of pain running through our body, starting from the head. We were mumbling “ughhhh”. And that wasn’t even the worst part. Suddenly a bright beam of light shines into all of our faces. I looked up and it seemed like there were multiple lights. After my eyes could adjust to the high voltage lights, I knew it had to be a car with a ton of lights. And that’s exactly what it was. Red and blue flashing lights came on and we all knew we were in trouble. While our bodies were frozen in that position, and our faces still pinned to the fence, we franticly whispered to one another what we should do. Then Tyler said, “Just walk calmly.” So we just walked on down the side walk.

We walked about 7 feet until the officer pulled in front of us and wouldn’t let us go anywhere. We all knew we were in big trouble. The officer pulled out his laptop and right when he opened it, we all gave another sigh of desperation and said “ughhhh”. He made us sit on the curb for a while and asked us a lot of questions. He called backup, and about 30 seconds later, there were about five different police cars there. I guess there wasn’t much trouble going on that night, except us. As our scared little hearts couldn’t take anymore interrogation they let us continue our sleepover that night. But, they had to drive us back to the house.

We all got our own personal car ride back, in the back of the police cars that were at the terrible “crime scene”. They woke up Tyler ’s mom by putting there flashlights directly in her eyes. She didn’t seem very upset when the cops where there. But OHH BOYY was she showing us her anger when they left. But all four of us boys had a very good relationship with her over the past years, and knew that she would forgive us in the morning, and cook us a pleasant breakfast. My moral of this story is always go with your instincts, Even if they make you look like a wimp.