My Hero

Alex - 44139, Ohio
Entered on January 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

Who’s your hero? What does a hero mean to you? My hero is my grandmother Anna Barcus. My grandmother is a hero to me because she has always been a positive role model for me; her heart is filled with love and curiosity. I’m inspired by her because she’s 71 years old and still going strong and healthy. She means a lot to me and it’s a blessing that she’s in my life.

When I think of a hero I see a role model. A hero can also mean more than that: something or someone that influences you in a good way. I believe that.

I remember when I was younger and I always wanted to visit her every weekend. See, my grandmother used to always have activities planned for me when I visited. One time I remember doing arts and crafts, going to the science museum, and the zoo. Sometimes it wasn’t always about fun. I couldn’t stand it when she would make me read and practice spelling. I wanted to remove myself from that; I would turn my smile upside down. But, she was doing that for my own good, so it well helps when I get older. My grandma is like an angel; she’s so loving, caring, and when I was little she always accepted my visits.

She repeatedly tells me to do my best in school. “Always study and never freeze to ask questions,” she says. She is still working. My grandmother has taught disabled children at several different schools throughout Cleveland.

I encourage her to stop working because of her health: she is healthy but the last year and a half she has chest pains and knee problems, but she won’t stop. She cooks, cleans, and about everything else in the house for my grandfather. But he’s unable to do those things because his back problems. My grandmother is a hard working and no quitting woman. I seriously think that she could work for the next ten years.

I consider my grandmother a giving person; every year she always gives me something special for my birthday and Christmas. Unexpectedly one year she shocked me when she gives me an iPod Nano for Christmas. First she said, “Sorry Alex, I didn’t give you anything for Christmas,” and out of the ordinary her skinny long arm pulled a box from a different direction.

That’s what I believe in, a hero. I believe my grandmother is more than my father’s mother. She’s my friend, grandmother and, most importantly, my hero. When my grandmother is viewed though my eyes; I see a hard worker, I see confidence, and I see faith. Anna Barcus you’re my hero!